Culture Heroes & Entrepreneurs

I like this quote from William Deresiewicz:

Our culture hero is not the artist or reformer […] but the entrepreneur.

Deresiewicz’ comment is all the more poignant when one encounters creative and artistic entrepreneurs — like the Eastern Ontario Filmmaker’s Co-operative in Napanee, Ontario.

Housed on the 2nd floor of Doghouse Studio –a beautifully re-claimed warehouse space at 99 Dairy Ave. in Napanee — EOCO brings professional film production and development to the Ontario East Region. It’s a space for the area’s existing filmmakers to use equipment, edit and produce films, and is a tool to attract filmmakers outside the region to the Greater Napanee area.

There’s space to shoot:

Space for editing and post-production (with editing suites on the way):

And space for screenings and events:

The studio itself combines design elements that bring to mind industry, play, noir and comedy.

In other words, the studio encourages creativity by giving filmmakers a space that is itself creative — a set-design for inspiration.

Perhaps most importantly, the studio demonstrates how serious the region’s filmmakers are about establishing Eastern Ontario as a go-to destination for filmmakers, and how serious they are about being the region’s culture heroes.


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